Pet Portrait

Pet Portraits story began as a creative project during Covid19 lockdown, but I soon realised I really enjoyed making them and that they were here to stay.

As pet owners we tend to have many photos of our beloved furry friends on our phones but why not take it another step further and commission a unique portrait that you can display at your home.

I first came across this type of pet portraits about 5 years ago at National Pet Show Exhibition Hall at London Excel. I loved the idea of combining pets with classic paintings and naturally I have ordered one of my two furry boys and it hangs proudly in my living room until this very day.

My photography and editing skills have been growing almost exponentially in the last few years and I am now able to create these magical portraits myself.

You can order one by following 3 simple steps: 

1. Commission a portrait of your fur baby for £99

2. Email me few photos of your pet taken with a camera phone alongside the description of their personality 

3. Receive beautiful board mounted 30 x 40 cm portrait and full resolution digital file 

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