Creating magic

with every image

Edinburgh Maternity & Family Photographer 

I create enchanting and enduring images to capture most precious moments of maternity, motherhood and family life.

Introducing Monagraphs.....

I set up Monagraphs to combine two types of photography that are really close to my heart – portraits and nature.


I am passionate about providing you and your family with unique photographic compositions that celebrate your most cherished connections, translating your everyday stories into tender and timeless images.

Nature is my canvas and my inspiration

I am a fine art photographer who is fascinated by plants, flowers and all the hues and textures that nature has to offer. My style is vibrant, sumptuous and dream-like … I specialise in combining the beauty of the natural world with the magic of maternity, childhood and family life.  

I specialise in fine art photography, which means I do not document what the camera sees, but rather I create imagery that reflects my creative and artistic vision. ; I seek out colours and patterns with which to create beautiful compositions with unusual backgrounds and textures to create photos that look like paintings. 


"I booked a photography session with Monika for my mother and I for Mother’s Day. I was blown away by how Monika worked with us to make us feel comfortable. We both had such an enjoyable day and the end products were amazing. A true testament to Monika’s skill and her ability to bring joy to people."



"Monika this is the best picture I’ve seen that shows how kids are rarely in the same emotional place at the same time”


Family Photography

I believe that life is filled with fleeting moments that have great significance .... love, laughter, grumpy faces, tender touches, smiles, hugs and so much more.

Children don’t stay small for long … so why not capture the joy and spontaneity of childhood forever in all its heart-melting madness.

Maternity Photography 

Capturing timeless images from maternity and motherhood 

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life and a wonderful journey to document and preserve through photography. Many women feel reluctant to have photos taken at this time because they don't feel comfortable or confident in their bodies, or are unsure how to pose or what to wear. I have been photographing expectant mothers for many years and I can promise you that a photo session with me will leave you feeling both empowered by the process and delighted by the results. 


Document your family history through unique photographic compositions

Memories made to last forever

Every family has a story and each new chapter is a reason to print.


Choose from a wide selection of packages which include beautiful prints, wall art and photo albums, to keep as treasured family heirlooms or gift to your loved ones.  

Fine Art Portrait

I create dreamy, whimsical and timeless images for those who like to engage with their imagination ....

There are many different types of portrait photography, from representational and realistic to subjective and surreal, and they all have something unique to offer. 

I am a fine art photographer who is inspired by nature, literature, art and fairy tales.


I believe life wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without a little bit of magic.



Few words about me

Photography is the biggest passion of my life and nature is my biggest inspiration.... 


I am a portrait photographer, proud cat mother, nature lover, dreamer, book worm, sci-fi and fantasy nerd, yogi and foodie.

I set up Monagraphs to combine two types of photography that are really close to my heart – portraits and the natural world. 



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